Since 1982 Vimec designs and improve solutions for overcoming the architectural barriers, by offering a full range of products. All the installations are tailored made, designed and built up around customers' needs and requests.

Home lifts


Home lifts, elevators and lifting platforms suitable both for home and for public premises (i.e. shops, offices, restaurants).
Vimec home lifts are the ideal solution to improve the home comfort, thanks to their design and manufacturing aimed at people and family needs.
Vimec elevators are realized in order to provide versatility and safety, and to assure a quick installation with small building works.
Vimec's range offers many features characterized by Italian design, expressed through the shapes, materials and deep care on details.


thumb chairlift

Vimec presents a range of chairlifts both for indoor and outdoor use, suitable for straight and curved stairs.
Vimec stairlifts with chair are the ideal solution to improve mobility at home for people with limited mobility, like the elderly or the disabled.
Vimec stairlifts with chair are designed and built to offer the highest level of comfort and safety, focusing on ease of use and aesthetic harmony with the staircases: for these reason it is easy to assemble them and realize a really quick installation.


thumb stairlift

Platform stairlifts for the disabled are perfect both for indoor and outdoor installations, thanks to the design features that ensure maximum durability and best performance.
Vimec platform stairlifts have straight rails or curved ones, to face more floors with safety everytime.
Vimec provides a range of stairlifts ideal to improve accessibility in houses, but also in public premises, respecting the aesthetic of the space, ensuring maximum reliability for the disabled and for wheelchair users.


thumb stairclimbers

Vimec mobile stairclimbers, for wheelchairs users and for elderly: these are specific solutions for the overcoming of architectural barriers. Vimec stairclimbers are practical and safe, thus represent the ideal solution for people with mobility problems and wheelchair users that don't have the possibility to install a fixed stairlift.