Marketing support

Vimec doesn't just deliver products to dealers, but also provides them the tools they need to effectively satisfy their customer requests.
The Vimec web site is developed with dedicated languages, focusing on consumer needs, in order to collect requests from potential customers, to be forwarded directly to the dealer.
Being a partner Vimec means also to be supported by the sharing of promotional materials such as brochures, photos and videos that are most appropriate to their needs.
As a leader of the overcoming architectural barriers solutions, Vimec have acquired considerable experience in sales and after-sales assistance, that can be shared with the dealer to help him and his company to grow up.
About sales tools Vimec offers technical support through a dedicated web area to build up proposals for customers, and can guarantee a directly access to any kind of technical documentation.
Through the dedicated newsletters Vimec shows to the dealers new product information, upcoming Vimec events, ongoing offers, promotions, encouraging an exchange of info to be always focused on customer satisfaction.
Besides the material support Vimec people and team, is always ready to help and support you in your activity.

Co-marketing support

Vimec's goal is to build a partnership with the dealer, by supporting it in its activities.
In order to communicate Vimec products and solutions successfully, Vimec provides advertising materials for adv activities such as direct marketing, newsletters, .
Vimec can guarantee its support during local exhibitions with communication materials (like brochures, roll-ups, exhibitions stands, promotional gifts, etc.), by providing demo units, supporting the dealer by engaging customers in testing Vimec solutions directly inside the stand.