How We Work

Thanks to more than thirty years of experience by providing

  • Accessibility for disabled
  • Mobility for elderly
  • Home comfort

Vimec gained leadership on international market.

Vimec is managing business processes in line with "Lean Philosophy", implementing on site "kanban&kaizen" techniques (that means attention dedicated to the details, in order to guarantee what and when is needed by the customer), with a considerable reduction of intermediate buffers and the stores, by approaching the "On Time Delivery" approach.

Vimec also realizes packaging processes in order to give the customers the usage of packings as kind of little storages on site, well organized to support dealers during installation.

Vimec products are characterized by Italian design and their quality has been continuously implemented by craftsmanship.

Last but not least with the certified suppliers network ensures To Vimec the necessary quality and reliability.